A Moment Before…

17th - 18th of January 2017

Dokhuis Galerie
Plantagedoklaan 8-12
1018CM Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Featuring the photography series "One Third" by Klaus Pichler & "Mutatoes" by Uli Westphal

Organized by Foundation Taste Before You Waste

For more information and the program, please take a look at:




표준자연 | Quality Control

Han Seok Hyun & Uli Westphal

31st of August - 4th of November 2016

8F, Sky Plaza Gallery, Seoul City Hall, Seoul, Korea

Paris Food Art Week

16th - 18th of September 2016

Freegan Pony
Place Auguste Baron
75019 Paris, France



4th of October - 4th of December 2016

Artwall Gallery

Praha, Czech Republic